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Are Geese Nesting on Your Property?

Have you ever wondered why that same goose is sitting alone in a parking lot, attacking the window or glass door, attacking people out of nowhere, and always in the same spot for 3-4 weeks? These are all classic behaviors of nesting geese. The female, male, and non-mated offspring all have a part to play every spring.

5 Things to Do if You Encounter a Goose

As geese have adapted to human habitats they have become a common occurrence in our daily lives and sometimes a nuisance in our quest to just run an errand or enjoy a park. With lack of predators and abundance of food, the birds have decided they like the very same areas humans do, therefore increasing the probability of human interaction with geese. Water retention ponds are installed with most large building projects and the architects plan an area to be enjoyed by all (including the geese). Unfortunately, the geese do not share well and will foul the area, claiming it as their own living space. They can be very territorial and aggressive during nesting season, which takes please March through May, as well as when the goslings grow – May through August.

Disease Canada Geese Carry

With a large population of Canadian (Canada) Geese on Martha’s Vineyard area, it is important to be aware of the diseases they may bring to our area. With potential health risks involved, it is also important to note how to avoid contracting anything they may carry. While some geese are migratory, about 67% of Canada Geese call Martha’s Vineyard their permanent home. Combine that with their ability to leave behind about 1.5 pounds of feces per day, and you have potential for adverse health effects. Our goal is to educate the public so that we can coexist with these birds in a peaceful and harmless way.

Discouraging Geese from Residential Properties

You have unwanted geese on your residential property, and you need to get rid of them. Geese are not only a nuisance to you, but they can carry diseases with them that may harm you and your loved ones. You deserve to enjoy your home and to be as goose-free as possible. But how? It’s a simple problem that doesn’t always have a simple answer. Which method of geese control is going to be the most effective on Martha’s Vineyard area? Which method is the most humane? You have options when it comes to ridding your property of unwanted geese.

How Do I Keep Geese Away from My Pond?

The chances are, if you’re reading this, you have a goose problem. Many residents on Martha’s Vineyard, MA area experience geese control issues. You know that you need to rid your property of them. But do you know why? To fully understand the importance of geese control, it is important to know why they can be a nuisance. The main reasons are:

How Often Do Geese Poop?

Geese control is important for your property. Not only are geese a nuisance, but they also pose certain health risks if not controlled properly and humanely. Geese poop can contain diseases that can have serious symptoms.”How often do geese poop?” is one of the most important questions in the geese control world. Knowing the amount of poop left by geese and how often they defecate will help you understand the importance of consulting an expert in geese control on Martha’s Vineyard.

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