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“There was only one caring and effective eco solution when dozens of geese took over our yard with their beauty and mess; Geese Partners. They’ve been great.”

Victoria, West Tisbury

“Geese Partners are a pleasure to deal with. The process really works.”

Neil, Chilmark

“Every now and then a service comes around that is life changing. For many years we were unable to walk on our property without looking down at each step. The patio, lawn and even our driveway had goose poop everywhere. Our grandchildren couldn’t play on the grass, their dog would eat it and get sick etc etc. We tried everything from fake coyotes to electric eye motion sprinklers. Nothing worked. Then I heard about Geese Partners- I called and a week after the first spray they were gone. Besides the success of the product, working with Luiz has been a total pleasure. He has always been available and ready to assist. We can now raise our eyes, look around and fully enjoy the beauty of this island without fear of stepping in “it’. Thank you Luiz and Geese Partners.”

B.B., Chilmark

“We have had a house on the Vineyard, on Sengekontacket Pond, for 35 years. We have a lawn that goes down to the water, and geese have always been a problem. I have tried everything: chicken wire, fake coyotes, shooting at them with a paintball gun… nothing worked. Last year I hired Geese Partners and the results were amazing! Not a single dropping on our rather large lawn. For the first time we could walk down to the water not having to watch every step. Whatever is in the solution that Geese Partners puts down, the geese don’t like it. An amazing improvement.”

Bill, Sengekontacket Pond

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