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Business owners across Martha’s Vineyard are constantly frustrated by flocks of geese overrunning their commercial properties. Canadian Geese can drive away customers, ruin your landscaping efforts, and cause unsanitary conditions. We have helped golf courses, municipal fields, shopping plazas, and retail shops take back control of their commercial properties.

Geese Partners of Martha’s Vineyard offers an eco-friendly, safe, and effective recurring goose repellent spray solution. We will help repel Canadian Geese from your business and take back control of your commercial properties.

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Why You Need Commercial Goose Control

  • Geese can be extremely aggressive and can scare off, or worse, injure a customer.
  • Avoid potential lawsuits over goose droppings or goose attacks on your property.
  • Remove a potential health and safety risk as Canadian Goose feces is known to carry dangerous bacteria like E. coli and salmonella, presenting a major health hazard to pets, children, and even adults.
  • The look of your business matters. A commercial property covered in feces and large birds is not conducive to driving sales.
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Goose Control for Businesses – How It Works


After a treatment, geese will attempt to feed on the treated area and will have a negative reaction. You may see reactions such as head shaking, drinking water, pecking at their bellies, and rubbing their necks.


The conditioning process begins as the geese feed on the treated area.


As they continue to try and feed, they will receive the negative reinforcement of upset stomachs.


In a short amount of time, the Canadian Geese learn that a treated area is not a good place to feed.


The geese will seek out new food sources and leave your property. After the initial treatment is complete, the conditioning usually takes about a week to ten days.


New geese droppings will decrease, and existing droppings will age and turn white. Your business will now be geese-free!

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Whatever the Type of Commercial Property You Have, We Can Treat It!

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2. Recurring Spray Service
Geese Partners will treat your property after each mowing — every two weeks on average.

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Our technicians do not require any interaction, we are contactless. We treat your property and leave you with a geese-free yard.


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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every application. Read testimonials from our happy customers.

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Your business is your livelihood. Don’t let geese get in the way of your success. We are a community-focused company, utilizing an eco-friendly approach to help business owners across Martha’s Vineyard get back to work without geese. We care about the environment, so we use safe, non-toxic products. No aggressive dogs, no harsh chemicals, no homemade headaches, no loud noises — call Geese Partners today!

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