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Your lawn, gardens, playground, and landscape are all part of your home. You work hard to keep your property beautiful and tidy; spending time around your land should be enjoyable and safe. Unfortunately, Canadian Geese have other ideas. Even just a small flock of geese can wreak havoc on your home’s outdoor spaces.

Geese Partners of Martha’s Vineyard offers a recurring residential geese repellent treatment that will help repel Canadian Geese from your yard and you to take back your turf. We’ll work to rid your residence of these nuisances for good. Geese Partners utilizes an eco-friendly, safe, and effective goose repellent spray solution.

Get rid of these unwanted birds once and for all!

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Benefits of Geese Partners Residential Goose Control

  • No more cleaning up dirty, bacteria-filled geese droppings from your property, allowing your lawn to stay neat and clean.
  • Water Resistant – our solution will not wash off due to irrigation, rain or snow.
  • Our treatment has no unpleasant smell.
  • Virtually undetectable and works 24/7.
  • Safe for use around the environment, pets, and people.
  • Effective and proven goose repellent program that protects for a full season.
  • No need to reapply until the grass grows or is mowed.
  • No wasted time cleaning or trying to continually scare geese away from your home.
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Our Effective & Eco-Friendly Treatments Repel Geese Safely


After a treatment, geese will attempt to feed on the treated area. You may see reactions such as head shaking, drinking water, pecking at their bellies, and rubbing their necks.


As the geese feed on the treated area, the conditioning process begins.


They may feed several times, each time with a negative consequence of upset stomachs.


Over time, geese learn that a treated area is not a good place to feed.


Geese will search out new food sources and leave your property. This conditioning usually takes one to two days.


New geese droppings will decrease, and existing droppings will age and turn white.

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Our Proven Goose Control Process

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We will quickly and efficiently visit your property, take some measurements, and analyze your issue.

2. Recurring Service
Geese Partners will treat your property after each mowing — every two weeks on average.

3. Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Our technicians do not require any interaction. We’ll come, treat your property, and leave you with a geese-free yard.

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We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every application. Read testimonials from our happy customers.

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Geese Partners is a community focused goose-control solution for Martha’s Vineyard. We care about the products we use, which is why our goose repellent spray service is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Take back your property today without toxic chemicals, loud noises, dogs, or other inconvenient solutions.

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