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Luiz Fogaca, Independent Owner

Luiz Fogaca fell in love with the unique environment and community of Martha’s Vineyard while visiting friends and family since the summer of 2011.

After relocating to the Vineyard, he worked for landscape and spray companies from 2015 to 2018. This gave him exposure to the geese issues that many homeowners experienced. In his spare time, he searched for and tested environmentally friendly ideas to help control them. Once he found the ideal solution — an eco-friendly, safe, effective answer to the geese problem — Geese Partners was born.

Today, as independent owner of Geese Partners, Luiz is proud to help residents, businesses, and homeowners protect their beautiful lawns and gardens from geese. He finds intrinsic value in helping the families of the Vineyard reclaim and safely enjoy their lawns.

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Geese Partners is a community-focused goose-control solution for Martha’s Vineyard. We care about the products we use, which is why our goose repellent spray service is safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Take back your turf today without toxic chemicals, loud noises, dogs, or other inconvenient solutions.

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