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Luiz Fogaca, Independent Owner

The enchanting environment and close-knit community of Martha’s Vineyard captured Luiz Fogaca’s heart during visits with friends and family starting in the summer of 2011. His love for the island inspired a relocation, where he discovered his calling through a unique connection to the land.

Between 2015 and 2018, Luiz worked for landscape and spray companies on the Vineyard, gaining valuable insights into the persistent geese problem that troubled many homeowners. Driven by a passion for the environment and a creative spirit, he tirelessly experimented with various environmentally friendly methods to control the geese, eventually crafting an eco-friendly, safe, and effective solution. The result of his innovative efforts led to the birth of Geese Partners.

As the independent owner of Geese Partners, Luiz is not only a successful entrepreneur but a community hero. His commitment to preserving the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard has been widely recognized. He was featured in The Martha’s Vineyard Times as a “Protector and Hero of Pest Control” for his innovative approach to geese management that balances efficacy with environmental stewardship.

In 2023, Luiz’s contributions to the community were further celebrated as he was honored at the “40 under 40” event, as detailed in articles from the Vineyard Gazette and The Martha’s Vineyard Times. This prestigious recognition placed him among the bright young leaders who are shaping the future through innovative contributions and dedicated service.

Today, Luiz Fogaca stands as a symbol of entrepreneurial ingenuity, environmental guardianship, and community engagement. His work with Geese Partners continues to protect the stunning lawns and gardens of Martha’s Vineyard, allowing residents, businesses, and homeowners to safely enjoy their outdoor spaces. His commitment to the community, innovative thinking, and unwavering dedication to the environment serve as an inspiring example for future generations. His legacy as a protector and hero continues to shine, a beacon of hope and creativity in an ever-evolving world.

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