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Discouraging Geese from Residential Properties

Why Do Geese Appear in the First Place?

Geese don’t appear in residential areas by accident. There are many reasons why they choose to take up residence near Martha’s Vineyard homes, and many of the reasons are instinctual. They include:

Geese Love Water

The natural habitat of geese is in or near water. Many residential areas have ponds, pools, or some sort of water feature that is very attractive to geese looking to nest and live around Martha’s Vineyard.

Grass Grass Grass

With an abundance of well groomed, weed free grass in residential areas, geese are naturally attracted to these areas. It is the perfect place for them to nest and then subsequently raise their families.

Food Galore

Many residential areas have food that is perfect for geese. Whether it’s random food that falls on to the road, bird feeders or simply eating grass (this is a main staple of their diet), residential areas are the perfect nesting place for hungry geese.

With all of these factors combined, residential areas like the one you may live in create a perfect habitat for geese to thrive.


Why is it Hard to Get Rid of Geese?

Getting rid of geese for Martha’s Vineyard residents may be more complicated than simply chasing them away. There are a number of factors for why geese continue to return to your residential area. Unless you seek professional geese control, you may not be effective at removing them for good. The reasons geese are hard to control include:


Birdfeeders do what they are intended to do: attract birds. Unfortunately, they can also attract unwanted geese in the area. Chances are, even if you get rid of yours, there may be another one at a neighboring house.

Feeding by Humans

Some people’s natural tendency is to feed birds when they see them. While this may seem like a generous gesture, it can create a dependency within birds to make a permanent home close to where they know they will get fed.

Nature-Lovers That Try to Sabotage Geese Control

At Geese Partners, we offer the most humane option for geese control. Some people aren’t aware of our method and see any form of geese control as animal cruelty.


How to Minimize Geese on Your Residential Property?

There are a few steps you can take to minimize the chances that geese take up residence near your area. These include:Stop Feeding the Birds

It may seem like a good gesture but refrain from instilling bad habits that lead to geese residing permanently in your area. People who claim they are “only feeding the ducks or songbirds” are incorrect, the residual food in the grass is a goose magnet.

Discourage Residents Supporting Geese Population

Not only is geese control a humane way to deal with unwanted birds, but it can also stop those birds that carry diseases from calling your residence home.

Hire a Professional

There is no single quick fix that will resolve human-goose conflicts at every site. But well-designed integrated programs can resolve conflicts and that’s why Geese Partners is the experts on Martha’s Vineyard. Contact us today to learn more.

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