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3 ways to thoughtfully care for your Martha’s Vineyard property

If you have a property on Martha’s Vineyard, you’re no stranger to the beauty and ambiance of the Massachusetts islands. Between the harbor town atmosphere, quaint beaches and expansive farmland, this is the perfect place to spend your summer vacation or holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Maintaining your property, especially as the seasons change, it’s crucial to a great experience visiting Martha’s Vineyard. The island experiences weather fluctuations and all four seasons, making it necessary to winterize boat equipment and keep your home at an operating temperature. There’s also an abundance of wildlife on the island that you’ll need to keep an eye out for on your property.

Martha's Vineyard - Geese PartnersPerform regular inspections

Having your property regularly inspected will keep it in tip-top shape and avoid unnecessary costs. If you have renters or your home functions as an Airbnb at any point, this step is even more important due to its constant use.

Be sure to regularly check the exterior of your home to ensure there are no missing shingles, gaps in sealant or dying grass and plants. When it comes to the interior, be sure to regularly replace smoke detectors, clean the water heater and replace heating and cooling filters.

Spray for pests

The wildlife on Martha’s Vineyard is beautiful to witness in sanctioned areas, but not on your property. The area is known for invasive geese that if left unchecked can cause damage to yards by eating the grass and leaving harmful droppings that include parasites. Also, if you have a property where you host events or want to be in the yard often, these geese tend to be aggressive and territorial.

When spraying for geese, be sure to go with an eco-friendly solution like at Geese Partners. This way, when the geese feed on the grass they experience nonharmful digestive issues and learn to avoid feeding in that area.

Conduct thorough cleaning

To keep your property up to date, you’ll need to conduct regular cleaning. Be sure that no items were left behind by renters or family members and conduct regular cleanings like dusting, mopping and washing dishes. You’ll also want to do some deep cleaning like cleaning under furniture and sanitizing trash cans.

If you need help with these cleaning tasks, try hiring a local maid service.

Good luck! With the right planning and coordination, your Martha’s Vineyard property will stay pristine for years to come and host more wonderful family memories.

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