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About GEESE-X by Geese Partners

GEESE-X by Geese Partners is a naturally occurring compound also known as AQ which is found in many plants such as aloe, senna, and rhubarb. Additionally, it is found in many over-the-counter products that reduce arthritis pain and also aid digestion. Geese, however, have a negative response to the compound by nature.

How GEESE-X by Geese Partners Works

As opposed to wasting time on ineffective methods such as noise machines, dogs, and lights, Geese Partners uses GEESE-X by Geese Partners as a recurring spray treatment for repelling geese. In most cases, the solution is applied directly to your turf using a ride-on sprayer machine or a backpack.

As GEESE-X by Geese Partners is non-toxic and eco-friendly, your lawn, pets, or landscaping will not be harmed by its use.

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Goose Control Application

GEESE-X by Geese Partners FAQ

Is it safe for use around dogs?

Yes, GEESE-X by Geese Partners is non-toxic and safe for use around dogs, other pets, and wildlife.

Does it hurt the geese?

GEESE-X by Geese Partners does not permanently hurt the geese, the repellent solution when consumed give the goose a noticeable stomachache causing general discomfort. This goes away once they stop consuming the treated grass.

Will it kill my grass?

No, when mixed and correctly applied GEESE-X by Geese Partners will not kill your grass or landscaping plants.

What if I get it on myself or someone comes in contact with it?

GEESE-X by Geese Partners is a non-toxic product and is safe to use around humans. We do suggest staying off the treated area until the goose repellent has dried before recreating on your lawn.

Can it be used/applied around children?

Yes, it can be used around children, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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